School problems

First off to those that read this blog I want to say sorry for the delay, I just haven’t had time with school and work to keep up with posts so there has been a long break between this post and the last one.

I started missing many days of school and because of that and my dyslexia I had to repeat the 3rd grade. That was actually a good thing because I met my first real friend there; we’ll call him RL for the purposes of privacy. He was a real friend when I had none, we would play together, have fun talking about cartoons, and best of all he never picked on me. He would even draw me little sketches of different power rangers because I thought he was a really good “drawer” in kid speak. RL made having to be in school more bearable but the other still never stopped bullying me so I would still miss days of school, my mother would come up to the school and demand change, and nothing good would happen. Despite all this I somehow made it through the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades in between missing days and being mercilessly bullied by my peers. Unfortunately by the time I was done with elementary school I had lost touch with my friend and we didn’t really see each other anymore for a long time. This marks the end of my time in elementary school and the being of my time in middle school. Little did I know however that middle school would forever change my life and not for the better.

I went to two different middle schools and the first one was I.S 204. It was a horrible school full of delinquents and gang bangers, my first week in class I was assaulted by some kids just because I looked at them wrong and these were some big kids. I was of course over eating too so I was a fat kid too but think about it, if I could say they were big for middle school kids then they were BIG. The bullying also continued but even more fiercely then when I was in P.S 76 with a lot more up right violence involved. I never had a moments peace, if it wasn’t being called names and ostracized it was being beat up by the other kids for no reason. I would even just try to stay to myself and not talk to anyone but that didn’t work either, it seemed to make me more of a target. I always knew though no matter how bad school was home was my safe heaven; that I always had my mother and her family to turn to. You see I was always close to my mother’s family. I would hang out with my cousins all the time just running around my aunts home just playing games with them and spending time with them but as the issues between our parents became more known to us our relationship began to weaken. I spent less and less time with them as things got worse between my mother and her siblings and we began to have to pick sides. They started to change and so did I the less time we spent together, becoming more and more distant towards each other. Knowing what I know about my aunts and uncles now, I can understand why my mother had to distance herself from them. That unfortunately meant, since I was a kid (as were my cousins) that meant I would have less and less contact with them, breaking down our relationship. Things got really bad when my grandfather died and the will was read. My mother got furious that he didn’t leave anything to us but he left everything to my cousins and their parents. My mother found that suspicious since he was very sick when the will was written and since a few of my aunts and uncles helped him write the will (the same aunts and uncles that have problems with my mother by the way) she believed they altered it. After that day I never saw my aunts and uncles again and I would not see any of my cousins for more than a decade. It seems as if the older I get the more I lose.


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