I remember the day that it all happened. It was the middle of the week in April and I was in my science class listening to the teacher talk about astronomy and then the police come in the room asking for me. I had no idea what was going on but I couldn’t say no I had to come with them, so as I leave I could see the whole class staring at me and I could hear them whispering as I walk past. I finally come to the outside of the school until I’m in front of their squad car and barely holding back tears I ask them where my mother was. I was scared and I wanted to see her but all they said was that they would take me to her and to get in the squad car. I didn’t want to but I knew I couldn’t refuse so I got in the back of the squad car. I like a fool thought they were going to take me home, I had thought something had happened to my mother back home so I was really worried but when I noticed that they were going in the opposite direction of home then I was really worried. I would continually ask “where are you taking me?” and “where are we going?” but I would get no answer they would just keep driving. By this time I was starting to cry but not too loudly because I had no idea where I was going or who I was with so I didn’t want to make them angry. After what felt like an eternity we arrive at a court house and I ask “what are we doing here?” but all they say is “follow us” and so I do until I come to this room where there are a bunch of people sitting down. They tell me to sit down and wait there and then they just leave and I never see them again. I am left here in this place full of strangers for hours without an explanation of what’s going. I am just left looking around and wondering what’s going to happen to me, is my mother okay, and is my sister alright. Who are all these people and why am I here, it’s these thoughts that kept going through my head the whole time with tears rolling down my cheeks, and then a man calls me over and tells me to come with him. He says that he is going to take me to my mother so I eagerly follow him down stairs and across an elevated bridge that connected the court building to another building (I’m assuming another part of the whole court building) and as I notice that where I was being lead was getting less and less populated I started to wonder if he was telling the truth. Just as I was about to stop following him and start asking questions he says that we’re here and I just need to sit in this room and wait. The room was empty and I was completely by myself.

This is when I went into full blown cry mode, tears streaming down my face but there was no one around but me so asking what was really going on was out of the question. I even tried to leave the room but I couldn’t the door was locked from the outside so I was trapped in that room for hours not knowing what was going to happen to me. The worst kind of thoughts were going through my mind like have I been kidnapped or am I going to be forced to stay here forever or were they going to hurt me in ways I do not wish to speak of. After a while I just stopped crying and I sat there in the room quietly, I’m not sure why but I guess I had just had decided to resign myself to fate and whatever was going to happen was going to happen. About two or three hours in somebody enters the room and tells me to come with them, by this time I was done crying, I was hungry and I was tried so I just followed without a word of protest. Then after a few minutes of walking I see her, I was finally face to face with my mother and I was so happy I just run up and hugged her so tightly but when I took a closer look at her face I noticed something was wrong. There was no smile on her face, she didn’t look happy to see me, there was only this cold expression and even at times a look of contempt in her eyes but I just tried to ignore it. When I asked if we had to stay at the court house any longer she said no and that we were going home but there was still no joy on her face just the same cold expression like when I first saw her. I tried to make small talk during the cab ride home but the more I talked the angrier she seemed to get. You could cut the tension with a knife, I knew something was wrong and I wanted to ask her what had happened to her but I was afraid of the answer I might get so I just stopped talking and kept quiet. When we got finally got home we were greeted by my sister who was frantic because she didn’t know where either of us had gone and then she asked the question that I was too afraid to ask which was “what happened?” Those words opened up the flood gates so to speak and then she went into rage screaming at the top of her lunges and telling us what happened.


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