Through all the screaming I could make out what happened. It started with the police knocking on her door in the middle of the day; she thought nothing of it at first because she always liked the police and had a good relationship with them. When she goes to the door to open it the police burst in and start to ask her questions about keeping me home from school (though I was at school when this was all happening) and as they are questioning her she notices other police officers are looking around the house for some reason and then she proceeds to ask them if they have a warren to search the place. They say that they don’t need a warrant and proceed to put her in handcuffs all the while asking what’s going on and asking if she’s under arrest but they continue to say no but they still keep the handcuffs on her and put her in the back of their squad car. The cops do eventually tell her that a social worker that had come to our house once before named Fluluke (not sure if I spelled that right but I don’t care) had reported her for child abuse for not sending me to school enough. Until my mother said that I had completely forgot about that women but after hearing her name again I did remember that she did come to our house once asking why I wasn’t being sent to school. The principal of I.S 126 sent her over to my house to investigate my many absences but she knew why I was always absent, she had been told multiple times what was going on but didn’t care enough to try and fix the problems. My mother told the social worker about the bullying, abuse, and harassment that was going on in school and she said that she understood and that there was no reason to worry because my mother did the right thing but that was obviously a lie. Now because of her my mother was being accused of child neglect and taken to a court house in chains (handcuffs). My mother then goes on to describe the how they but her in one of those holding cells they have in the court for hours with the handcuffs on for most of the time all the while complaining that the handcuffs were too tight but the police wouldn’t listen to her and this lead to her having nerve damage in her arms that will never heal. After hours in the cell she was then taken in front of a judge where she had to explain what was going on at school and why she kept my home a lot the time and she says she had to do this with at least three different judges until it was finally okay for her to take me back home but only under the stipulation that I go back to school and that another social worker would come to visit the house about once every two weeks. All of us also had to go see psychologists once a week. Then she said something I never thought I would hear, she blamed me for it all.


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